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Conscious League's mission is to bring awareness and prompt a major shift towards conscious leadership, behavior, and consumption patterns in individuals, companies and organizations.

Conscious League fosters a relationship of trust between individuals and brands dedicated to positive impact and implementation of ESG principles.

Conscious League

the  FOUR  pillars that support our MISSION

Conscious League
Conscious Community utilizes Slack and Whatsapp groups where members share and exchange knowledge, ideas, and implementations of Conscious Leadership Principles, Conscious Behavior and Consumption modification. We share information on best practices and organize events, workshops, and conferences.
Conscious Pledge raises awareness about conscious leadership, behavior, and consumption patterns through public initiatives, such as workshops, conferences, photo exhibitions, and social media campaigns where individuals and organizations decide to hold themselves accountable for their actions, and publicly pledge to make specific ESG-related improvements.
Conscious Label is an award and certification program for companies who have made a Conscious Pledge and are committed to implementing their pledge across their organizations. 

Conscious Label supports and connects products, services, and brands with Conscious individuals establishing a relationship of trust.
Conscious Venture Studio provides funding, operational expertise and go to market strategies to bring conscious product initiatives to market.

Our platform works with global projects dedicated to products and services that have positive impact on climate, energy and social equity.

We provide hands on operational experience and dedicated experts to support project as team members and help with product vision, technology, financing, sales, and marketing.

The studio leverages a network of public and private  companies that dedicated themselves to conscious behavior.
We promote conscious behavior
across horizontal and vertical markets by working with organizations in Technology and Consumer Goods Markets such as AI, Deep Tech, Manufacturing, Travel,  Food, Fashion, Health
and others.
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